Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things to do with your kids before you or they get too old!

Before you know it, your kids will start distancing themselves and develop an independent spirit. You pray that some of your influence has created a positive attitude and confidence in your young person. They grow up so fast, so I wanted to share some simple ideas that you can share with your kids before they get too old.

So how do you schedule these activities with everyone’s schedule all going in different directions? One has piano, another one swimming, another afterschool activities, birthday parties, and a numerous number of things that come up. And that’s their schedule, what about your busy life with work, housework, and being the chauffer for the kids. I’d rather be participating in their lives and share more experiences than being behind the drivers wheel all the time.

Here are some suggestions for some activities before they get too old that I thought about and you might have thought about it also or have actually done. Even if they are getting too old, I still plan on doing them with them and one day with their children.

• This year, I am tracking my kid’s progress as they run a Marathon. Not all at once, but a little every day by having a goal of running 26.2 miles over the course of the year. Create a chart to track your little one's progress. One the last leg, pull out a ribbon over the driveway as they cross the finish line with their arms raised high in the sky! One day they will run an entire marathon with you, all in a single morning!

• Every First Tuesday of November, I bring the kids to the voting booth, pull the handle to close the curtain, and click off the names of the candidates that are running for office that year. The proud sense of participating in voting for our elected officials and being part of change is very satisfying.

• Bring your child to work with you, so you can create a conversations around their future and the endless potential options that come when you explore ideas that come from work

• When it snows, make snow angels.

• If it’s raining, make mud pies.

• Giving back to society is very important, so there are a couple of suggestions to instill a philanthropic attitude.
o When they earn or receive money, create three piggy banks labeled Spend, Save and Share. Let them spend on whatever they want, however, I do my best to stare them towards something good and will last. Save the money and deposit towards a college fund. Share their fortune by purchasing they know a child their age would enjoy
o Spend a day in a soup kitchen handing out food
o Spend a day in an adult home entertaining the folks

• Handwrite a letter or thank you card. In the digital age, the art of using ink and paper is lost.

• Practice a strong handshake. Sometimes when I greet a person, a proper handshake is necessary to gain trust and confidence. Start your child on the right foot and give that confident handshake.

Have fun!
Please add more suggestions and comments!

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