Wednesday, March 25, 2015

New York City Marathon 2015 Training Day 18 - Run for 50 minutes

Just as I got home, I check my email to see if the practice was still on.  The email flashed and said track practice was canceled.  Totally understand, it was misty and a little cold and old man winter is still laughing at spring.  So I opened the door and saw the boys putting on their sweats and tights getting ready for practice, and I told them that practice was cancelled, and they were like, "Really?!?"  So I asked if they would like to run around the University and they were happy to say, "Sure!" without hesitation.  I smiled and got my gear on.

We ran around and Elijah did great, he ran 2 miles, then walked and ran back home and did about 4 miles total.  Zachary and I took turns running forward and back with one of us always near Elijah.  We were all happy with the workout.  As soon as we got back home, Zachary and I picked up the pace and looped our neighborhood which was about a mile.   

I really can't wait to do his first marathon and Ironman together.  But I already told him to run his race and not wait for his hold man.  Elijah is coming around to doing a marathon.  Triathlon is still not in his blood yet.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

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