Sunday, March 8, 2015

New York City Marathon 2015 Training Day 2 - 30 minutes outside

The temperature warmed up to about 45, and it was just right to hit the roads.  I set my alarm to alert at 15 minutes, hit the start button on my watch and off I went.  I forced myself not to look at my watch for my pace or see what my heart rate was.  I just going out for an easy run as per my coach.

I was really enjoy getting out into the fresh air.  I thought about training for the NYC Marathon and the upcoming training about to happen.  I thought about the training Irene will have to do for your races and getting to do long rides with her.

Speaking of bike rides, I noticed that winter has wrecked havoc on the streets. Potholes all over the roads, which is not a good thing for runners and bikers.   In fact, I sprained my ankle right before the 2008 NYC Marathon, and for years my ankle was not healthy.

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